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NOW Classrooms, Leader’s Guide

Enhancing Teaching and Learning Through Technology

By: Meg Ormiston, Cathy Fisher, Jamie Reilly, Courtney Orzel, Jordan Garrett, Robin Bruebach, Steve M. Griesbach, Becky Fischer

Part of the NOW Classrooms series, this guidebook outlines how to create an engaging, student-centered learning environment using technology.

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NOW Classrooms, Leader’s Guide

With a clear vision for action, school and district leaders can establish a creative, collaborative culture that prepares students to thrive in the connected 21st century world. Part of the NOW Classrooms series, this guidebook outlines a flexible framework that leaders can use to drive instructional innovation and create an engaging, student-centered learning environment using technology.

  • Understand that real transformational change results from teaching and learning, not ever-changing digital devices.
  • Learn how to bring communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity to the center of classrooms in grades K–12.
  • Review technological tools, digital platforms, and other online options for managing building- and district-level changes now and in the future.
  • Explore how to lead real systemic change in a school and address varied leaders’ and staff members’ willingness to shift the school culture.

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Product Code: BKF801

ISBN: 9781945349461

Published By: Solution Tree

“I found this book incredibly timely and practical to help schools and districts move from deploying technology to developing a plan to transform student learning. The Why, What, How, and Then What are critically important to creating a growth mindset for educators as well as students.”

Eric Ferguson, director of instructional technology, Bellevue School District, Washington

“Leveraging relevant K–12 advice and intuitive frameworks to build on, NOW Classrooms, Leader’s Guide is a must-read for anyone in classroom technology leadership. This book can easily become a foundational guide in any institution looking for innovative approaches to teaching and learning.”

Chris Cummings, director of information technology, Klein Independent School District, Texas