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Eileen Depka

Set Ascending Direction

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  1. Bringing Homework Into Focus

    Tools and Tips to Enhance Practices, Design, and Feedback

    Prepare students and measure their comprehension by assigning purposeful work, setting clear expectations, and providing ongoing feedback as the unit of study unfolds.



  2. The Authentic Standards-Based Environment

    A Systematic Approach to Learning Targets, Assessment, and Data

    Implementing a true standards-based approach to teaching and learning can be complicated work. Author Eileen Depka breaks the process down into logical, doable steps that connect learning targets, rubrics, assessment, and data all back to standards.


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  3. Letting Data Lead

    How to Design, Analyze, and Respond to Classroom Assessment

    Build a culture of purposeful assessment design and data analysis for student learning. Drive student achievement in your school or classroom with a systematic approach to conducting effective assessments, collecting meaningful data, and taking action based on the results.



  4. Raising the Rigor

    Effective Questioning Strategies and Techniques for the Classroom

    Discover questioning techniques proven to enhance critical thinking and 21st century skills, deepen student engagement, and improve college and career readiness. This user-friendly guide provides templates, surveys, and checklists for planning instruction, unpacking standards, and increasing rigor in the classroom.