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Jonathan G. Vander Els

Set Ascending Direction

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  1. Breaking With Tradition

    The Shift to Competency-Based Learning in PLCs at Work™

    Discover how to shift to a competency-based education system that replaces traditional, ineffective practices with a new model that fosters personalized, student-centered learning. This learner-centered approach will help you assess performance to ensure learning for all students.



  2. Unpacking the Competency-Based Classroom

    Equitable, Individualized Learning in a PLC at Work®

    Explore a variety of perspectives and examples from educators who have shifted to competency-based education in their classrooms with great results.



  3. The Foundation for Change

    Focusing on the Four Pillars of a PLC at Work®

    In this book, the authors provide the guidance and resources for schools to use the four pillars as the root of their PLC process. Discover strategies and tools to audit your mission statement, understand the role of a guiding coalition, and create collective commitments.