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Reclaiming Youth at Risk

Futures of Promise, Third Edition

By: Larry K. Brendtro, Martin Brokenleg, Steve Van Bockern

Reach alienated youth using the unique strategies of the updated Reclaiming Youth at Risk book by Larry K. Brendtro, Martin Brokenleg, and Steve Van Bockern. Learn how cultivating the Circle of Courage values of belonging, mastery, independence, and generosity can combat core hazards that dominate the lives of youth at risk.

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Reach alienated youth and break the conflict cycle using the Circle of Courage

Empower your alienated students to cultivate a deep sense of belonging, mastery, independence, and generosity. This fully updated edition of Reclaiming Youth at Risk by Larry K. Brendtro, Martin Brokenleg, and Steve Van Bockern merges Native American knowledge and Western science to create a unique alternative for reaching disconnected youth. Rely on the book’s new neuroscience research, insights, and examples to help you establish positive relationships, foster social learning and emotional development, and inspire every young person to thrive and overcome.

Drive positive youth development with the updated Reclaiming Youth at Risk:

  • Study the four hazards that dominate the lives of youth at risk: relational trauma, failure as futility, powerlessness, and loss of purpose.
  • Learn how cultivating the Circle of Courage values of belonging, mastery, independence, and generosity can combat the four hazards.
  • Explore a unique strength-based approach for reclaiming discouraged or alienated youth.
  • Understand how to create a safe, brain-friendly learning environment and break the conflict cycle.
  • Read personal accounts of individuals who have transformed student trauma into student resilience in schools through trauma-informed practice.

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Product Code: BKF914, EKF477

ISBN: 9781949539158

Published By: Solution Tree

Page Count: 200

“In this new edition, the authors have masterfully retained the enduring wisdom of the Circle of Courage while more fully presenting practical strategies for putting it into practice. In this small book, the science and heart of being human come together. It will make you a better carer, teacher, and advocate—and perhaps a better person.”

James P. Anglin, professor emeritus, School of Child and Youth Care, University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

“As I read Reclaiming Youth at Risk—mentally punctuating one clear, profound point after another—I hoped I might recall them forever. From parents, guardians, and educators to social workers and probation officers, anyone who interacts with youth can benefit from this book. The repeated emphasis on asking what has happened to troubled youth, not what is wrong with them, rolls like thunder.”

Jean Sunde Peterson, professor emerita and former director of school counselor preparation, Purdue University

“In this new edition of their brilliant book, Brendtro, Brokenleg, and Van Bockern update and amplify their inspiring message for reaching and transforming distressed young people. A modern fusion of Indigenous traditional knowledge and scientific psychology, the approach contained in Reclaiming Youth at Risk deserves serious consideration wherever troubled youth (and their vexed caretakers) may be found.”

Joseph P. Gone, Aaniiih-Gros Ventre Tribal Nation of Montana, professor, Harvard University

“Firmly planted in research, the third edition of Reclaiming Youth at Risk offers updates, insights, and wisdom. We are in a time when our interventions for troubled youth focus on disorders and the suppression of symptoms. Yet Brendtro, Brokenleg, and Van Bockern energize an optimistic vision for the future of our youth through the importance of cultivating strengths, establishing vital relationships, and keeping a balanced perspective about our current efforts. This is a must-read for educators, clinicians, and policymakers.”

Robert Foltz, associate professor, Department of Clinical Psychology, the Chicago School of Professional Psychology

“This user-friendly book has become a classic among those whose mission it is to reach and teach youth at risk. By sometimes subtly nudging against preconceived assumptions, and on other occasions vigorously shaking the pillars of traditional deficit-focused approaches, Brendtro, Brokenleg, and Van Bockern have led the movement toward strength-based interventions for connecting with relationship-resistant young people. While maintaining the essence of their original work, with this third edition, they have broadened the scope to show how their theory and practice can and should be applied more widely to build linkages, identify possibilities, and develop the talents of all youth.”

Ken McCluskey, professor and former dean of education, the University of Winnipeg