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Gain clarity on how to sustain your ESSER Investments — Watch webinar

Lisa A. Brooks

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  1. Making Sense of Mathematics for Teaching Grades K–2

    Explore strategies and techniques to effectively learn and teach mathematics concepts for grades K–2 and provide all students with the precise, accurate information they need to achieve success.



  2. Making Sense of Mathematics for Teaching Grades K–2: The TQE Process

    This video program will help educators develop a deeper understanding of mathematics and more effectively provide mathematics instruction in grades K–2


    Physical DVD

  3. Making Sense of Mathematics for Teaching the Small Group

    Make sense of effective characteristics of K–5 small-group instruction in mathematics. Connect new understandings to classroom practice through the use of authentic classroom video of pulled small groups in action. Use the TQE (Tasks, Questions, Evidence) process to plan time effectively for small-group instruction.