Embedded Formative Assessment Mini-Course

Embedded Formative Assessment Mini-Course

Featuring: Dylan Wiliam, Tim Brown, Cassandra Erkens, Douglas Fisher, Sharon V. Kramer, Mike Mattos, Douglas Reeves, Nicole Dimich

Rely on a series of expert-led videos and short quizzes to prepare you to implement formative assessment practices that substantially increase the rate of learning.

Availability: March 5, 2019

Format: Mini-Course


Online Formative Assessment Professional Development

Substantially increase the rate of student learning with the support of our Embedded Formative Assessment Mini-Course. Aligned to the Embedded Formative Assessment book, this collection of formative assessment videos from Dylan Wiliam, Sharon V. Kramer, Nicole Dimich Vagle, Cassandra Erkens, and Mike Mattos will prepare you to integrate proven formative assessment strategies and processes into your daily classroom practice. A series of short quizzes will track your progress and enhance your understanding of key concepts along the way.

A digital certificate will be issued upon successful course completion.

The Embedded Formative Assessment Mini-Course includes the following videos:

  • The Economy, Education, and Shifting Trends
  • The Achievement Gap and Teacher Quality
  • Different Methods to Improve Teacher Quality
  • The Classroom Matters More Than the School
  • Defining Classroom Formative Assessment
  • Five Key Strategies and One Big Idea of Formative Assessment
  • Planning Your Questions in Advance
  • Intended, Implemented, or Achieved Curriculum
  • Sharing Learning Intentions
  • Instructional Strategies to Engage Students in Learning
  • All-Student Response Systems
  • Feedback to Move Learning Forward
  • Giving Corrective Feedback to Students
  • Feedback and Grading
  • Assessment and Student Feedback
  • Activating Learners’ Intellectual and Social Capital
  • Unstoppable Learning: Consolidating
  • Students as Owners of Their Learning
  • Sharing Learning Targets and Criteria for Success with Students
  • Giving Students the Power to Focus on Learning

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