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Hybrid events are a great way for teams to receive the message and experience the excitement of the PLC at Work™ and RTI at Work™ Institutes together as a school or district.

Teams can stream one of our institutes into a venue of your choice via a Live Hybrid or create your own agenda via an Anytime, Anywhere Hybrid on dates of their choosing.

Why Choose a Hybrid Event?

Build fidelity
Bring your entire staff together to listen and respond to the same message at the same time.

Convenience and flexibility
Learn from the convenience of your own campus or at a different location of your choice. Take advantage of this highly effective, budget-friendly option for building the skills and knowledge of larger teams.

Customized support
Receive personalized guidance from a hand-selected associate who will help you achieve your desired learning outcomes and be on site throughout the event.

How It Works

  1. Select—Choose to stream one of our live events or an Anytime, Anywhere event.
  2. Customize—Work with a Solution Tree representative to schedule your dates, times, and programming.
  3. Prepare—Get your team excited about the training and development, and we'll work with you on the details.
  4. Localize—A hand-selected Solution Tree associate will provide support for your team during your event.
  5. Empower—Provide your staff with tools to advance their development and your students' achievement.

FeaturesLive Hybrid EventsAnytime, Anywhere Hybrid Events
Create customized programming based on recorded PLC at Work and RTI at Work Institutes
Receive professional guidance from your on-site Solution Tree Associate aligned with your desired learning outcomes
View live-stream sessions from PLC at Work Institutes
Choose your event location
Bring together your entire school or district to receive the same message at the same time
LiveAnytime, Anywhere

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