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There’s nothing like the excitement and powerful learning your team experiences by attending a PLC at Work™ Institute. But let's face it, budget and travel restrictions can present serious obstacles for your team. Solution Tree now offers a personalized, interactive way to bring these high-quality, motivating events to your district—without travel or lodging costs—for a significantly lower cost per person.

You’ll stream full-length keynotes and delve deep into interactive breakout sessions—all from the convenience of your own campus. And what’s better, a trained Solution Tree hybrid staff member and a PLC at Work™ associate will be available on-site to provide the most personalized, interactive guidance and support for your team.

How It Works

  1. Select—Choose to stream one of our live events or an Anytime, Anywhere event.
  2. Customize—Work with a Solution Tree representative to schedule your dates, times, and programming.
  3. Prepare—Get your team excited about the training and development, and we'll work with you on the details.
  4. Localize—A hand-selected Solution Tree expert will provide support for your team during your event.
  5. Empower—Provide your staff with tools to advance their development and your students' achievement.

Our Hybrid Events offer ultimate flexibility

Choose any date that works best for your team, or choose to live stream a featured event on these dates:

The Summit on Professional Learning Communities at Work™ live from Phoenix, AZ February 19–21, 2019
PLC at Work™ Institute live from Fort Worth, TX June 12–14, 2018
PLC at Work™ Institute live from Lincolnshire, IL July 30–August 1, 2018
PLC at Work™ Institute live from San Antonio, TX July 24–26, 2018
PLC at Work™ Institute live from Seattle, WA August 14–16, 2018
PLC at Work™ Institute Anytime Anywhere Your choice

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