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  1. Designing Engaging Assessments in Five Essential Phases Workshop

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania |  November 30–December 1, 2020

    Presenters: Nicole Dimich

    Deepen your understanding of formative and summative assessments, and learn how to design assessments that guide instruction, involve students, and communicate learning.

    USD $689.00

    Seats available

  2. Collaborative Common Assessments Workshop

    Austin, Texas |  December 2–3, 2020

    Presenters: Cassandra Erkens

    Gain tools and protocols for designing quality assessments that enable teams to collect meaningful data and respond appropriately with interventions and enrichments.

    USD $689.00

    Seats available

  3. Grading From the Inside Out Workshop

    New Orleans, Louisiana |  March 30-31, 2020 Rescheduled: December 10–11, 2020

    Presenters: Tom Schimmer

    This workshop is focused on the practices and processes that will modernize grading and reporting systems to be more aligned to our standards-based instructional paradigm.

    USD $689.00

    Seats available

  4. Achieve Institute: Promising Practices in Instruction, Assessment, and Grading

    Winnipeg, Manitoba |  October 13–15, 2021

    When students, parents, teachers, and leaders partner on best assessment practices, achievement soars. Assessment doesn’t have to leave students and staff feeling demoralized and categorized.

    CAD $709.00

    Seats available