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The Global School

Connecting Classrooms and Students Around the World

Prepare students for an increasingly flat world—a place where diverse people from divergent cultures learn and work together rather than in isolation. Learn specific steps to globalize your classroom, and move beyond the call for students to memorize material to instead encourage higher-order thinking. These ideas, assignments, projects, and assessments are all wrapped in a 21st century skills framework.


  • Explore innovative ways to embrace globalization and connect K–12 classrooms and learners worldwide.
  • Understand the significant impact of the Common Core State Standards on instruction for 21st century skills.
  • Identify applicable projects, strategies, and assessments to shift traditional classrooms into global education centers.
  • Discover empowering tips to develop students’ higher-order thinking.
  • Learn to scale the straightforward steps all teachers—whether novice or technologically savvy—can take to help their students become participants in a global society.

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The Global School

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Chapter 1: What Is Global Education?
Chapter 2: The World Within Your Classroom
Chapter 3: The World Across Classrooms
Chapter 4: The Classroom in the World
Chapter 5: Getting Started


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