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Evident Equity Free Reproducibles

Make equity the norm in your school or district. Evident Equity provides a comprehensive method that leaders can use to integrate equitable practices into every facet of their school communities and offers real-life examples at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.


  • Understand the role that leadership plays in maintaining equitable school practices.
  • Learn how to use coalitions to enable equity work.
  • Explore equity from the top down, including at the district, school, and classroom levels.
  • Examine ways to embed equity into the everyday practice of schools, making it the expectation.
  • Discover how to stand firm in equitable practices, even in the face of resistance.

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Evident Equity

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Organizational Equity: Get Close and Get Specific
Chapter 2: Shared Equity: Build a Coalition and Build Capacity
Chapter 3: Structured Equity: Work the System
Chapter 4: Evident Equity: Live It Out
Chapter 5: Stand Firm: Equity Leadership in the Face of Resistance
Appendix A: Sample Policies and Resolutions
Appendix B: Suggested Further Reading and Resource Lists


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

  • Figure 2.1: Identity map example
  • Figure 2.5: Bell curve for mapping a coalition
  • Figure 2.8: Reflection questions for better understanding an equity goal
  • Chapter 3

    Chapter 5