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Crafting Your Message

Tips and Tricks for Educators to Deliver Perfect Presentations

Gain more than 100 ideas and strategies designed to help you plan and deliver highly effective presentations, overcome speech anxiety, and improve communication skills. Embrace the art of public speaking, and discover what makes a successful presentation stand out.


  • Develop an understanding of presentation as a skill that can be improved through practice and positive feedback.
  • Become familiar with the unique learning needs of adults and how best to meet those needs through the art of presentation.
  • Discover ways to elevate all aspects of your presentations, from designing the message itself to considering audio, visuals, and room setup.
  • Explore numerous strategies to improve your success with and effectiveness in each step of the presentation process.
  • Improve self-confidence, handle speech anxiety, and overcome a fear of public speaking.

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Part One: Preparing for, Delivering, and Reflecting on Your Message
Chapter 1: Preparing an Effective Message
Chapter 2: Planning the Delivery
Chapter 3: Setting the Stage
Chapter 4: Creating Effective Introductions and Conclusions
Chapter 5: Delivering Your Message
Chapter 6: Designing Visuals and Print Materials
Chapter 7: Reflecting on Your Practice
Chapter 8: Presenting Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting
Part Two: Processes and Protocols
Chapter 9: Team Building
Chapter 10: Triggering Thinking
Chapter 11: Processing and Practicing
Chapter 12: Consensus Building
Chapter 13: Summarizing
Chapter 14: Checking for Understanding




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