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Crafting Your Message

Tips and Tricks for Educators to Deliver Perfect Presentations

By: Tammy Heflebower

With: Jan K. Hoegh

Gain more than 100 ideas and strategies designed to help you plan and deliver highly effective presentations, overcome speech anxiety, and improve communication skills. Embrace the art of public speaking, and discover what makes a successful presentation stand out.

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A clear process for planning and delivering highly effective presentations

Become a confident, dynamic presenter with the guidance of Crafting Your Message. Written by expert presenter Tammy Heflebower, this book outlines a clear process for planning and delivering highly effective presentations. In total, more than 100 ideas and strategies are shared to help you augment your message and improve your communication skills, from triggering thinking and building consensus to summarizing information and checking for understanding.

Improve public speaking skills and deliver more successful presentations:

  • Develop an understanding of presentation as a skill that can be improved through practice and positive feedback.
  • Become familiar with the unique learning needs of adults and how best to meet those needs through the art of presentation.
  • Discover ways to elevate all aspects of your presentations, from designing the message itself to considering audio, visuals, and room setup.
  • Explore numerous strategies to improve your success with and effectiveness in each step of the presentation process.
  • Improve self-confidence, handle speech anxiety, and overcome a fear of public speaking.

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Product Code: BKF931, EKF494

ISBN: 9781949539493

Published By: Solution Tree

Page Count: 192

“I am forever grateful for the mentorship and guidance that Tammy Heflebower provided me as I started my own journey as a presenter. Now, here are her words of wisdom, captured in one place, for others to benefit from as well. This book is a lifesaver for those of us who transition from working with students to working with adults. From practical tips like what to pack in your bag and how to arrange the room, to lifesaving strategies related to how to deal with challenging participants and how to connect with your audience, this book covers it all. I have no doubt you’ll find yourself dog-earing pages and returning to this invaluable resource again and again as you develop your own expertise and find your footing on stages both big and small.”

Tina H. Boogren, educational speaker, presenter, and author

“Whether readers are aspiring or seasoned presenters, Heflebower and Hoegh provide what I believe to be both textbook and toolkit. If I picked up this book at the start of my journey as a speaker, I’d treat it like a textbook, starting my reading on page one. Having been a part of this profession for more than a decade, I used this book as a toolkit, consulting different chapters based on need. There isn’t a presenter in the field who couldn’t benefit from this work. It validates what presenters do well, provides coaching in areas where we could be better, and contains a variety of practical tools to take immediate action in both areas.”

Kenneth C. Williams, educational consultant and author

“Tammy Heflebower has perfected the art of presentation. In Crafting Your Message, her practical, actionable approach empowers educators to more effectively engage with a wide variety of audiences. I particularly love the two-part organizational structure: Part 1 details the elements of effective presentations, with plenty of helpful tips and clear examples. Part 2 provides an encyclopedia of presentation strategies that will infuse trainings with the spark and verve we’ve come to expect from Tammy. I’m always thrilled to participate in any session that Tammy is leading, and I’m equally thrilled that she has distilled her years of experience into such a fantastic resource!”

Julia A. Simms, author and vice president of Marzano Resources

“Some people say that expertise is observable in thin slices of behavior. In Crafting Your Message, Tammy Heflebower and Jan Hoegh have identified those ‘thin slices’ as they pertain to effective presentations for educators. Using the wide variety of strategies and distinctions in the book, all readers can become highly effective communicators.”

Robert J. Marzano, chief academic officer, Marzano Resources

“Communicating one’s message in a purposeful and productive manner is complex and challenging. Messaging is an intricate process, with variety of considerations at play. Within a single event, a presenter can be called upon to do any one, or all, of the following: inspire, convince, challenge, inform, disrupt, motivate, coach, or rally others. Dr. Heflebower with Dr. Hoegh, in Crafting Your Message, share thoughtful ideas as well as concrete points to remember that will enhance anyone’s efforts to get their ideas across to others. Their book is filled with practical, well-developed strategies to apply to a wide range of venues and situations. Whether you are presenting to a group of a thousand or coaching a few, you will find the authors’ insights on planning, building, presenting, evaluating, and reflecting for personal improvement to be immensely valuable. The book is skillfully organized and developed so that it can be read cover to cover, or by selecting specific chapters to address a particular area for personal learning and improvement. As talented educators, keynoters, trainers, and coaches, the authors provide an extensive, proven ‘playlist’ of engagement protocols, processes, and strategies for activating the adult learner in a variety of professional learning events. Crafting Your Message will be of benefit to seasoned as well as novice presenters, trainers, coaches, and school leaders who aspire to share and capture the mind and heart of their audience.”

Tim Brown, educational consultant, Main Street Educational Consulting

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