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Game Plan

A Playbook for Developing Winning PLCs at Work™

Create a uniform game plan to foster a collaborative community of learners, develop a shared focus, and meet growth goals. Examine new concepts of leadership, and learn how to effectively assemble schoolwide commitment to PLC principles. Explore coaching points and tools you can use to customize strategies for teachers and leaders, who must share collective responsibility to drive lasting change.


  • Discover why a well-defined game plan is necessary for schools and districts to build solid collaborative relationships.
  • Explore strategies for keeping key stakeholders involved and committed to your PLC.
  • Examine how collaborative teams can improve student learning through reviewing and refining curriculum and assessment.
  • Learn how to collect data to monitor your effectiveness.
  • Use facilitation guides, conversation prompts, templates, and rubrics to evaluate and build your game plan.

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Introduction: How Leadership Teams Develop a Winning Game Plan
Chapter 1: Bringing Clarity to the Plan
Chapter 2: Collaborating to Turn Good Teams Into Championship Teams
Chapter 3: Increasing Student Learning
Chapter 4: Focusing on Results and Purposeful Involvement
Chapter 5: Avoiding Pitfalls and Promoting Winning Throughout the Organization


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5