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Access concrete ideas and effective coaching strategies for improving your team’s professional practice around the essential elements of the PLC at Work® process. Discover instructional coaching strategies to enhance your team’s professional practice.


  • Review essential elements of effective PLCs and how these essential elements influence the instructional coaching of collaborative teams.
  • Study the Strategy Implementation Guide (SIG) and Pathways for Coaching Collaborative Teams tools and how to use them in the coaching of collaborative teams.
  • Acquire new insights, confront new questions, and explore new approaches that promote higher levels of student learning and effective professional learning communities for teachers.
  • Discover numerous strategies to use during the effective group coaching of collaborative teams at every stage of learning to meet adaptive challenges.
  • Learn the benefits of “drilling deeper” into the PLC process, as well as viewing the teacher as a reflective practitioner.

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Part I: Making a Commitment to Coaching Teams
Chapter 1: Creating Habits of Professional Practice
Chapter 2: Identifying How PLC Elements Thrive in a Coaching Culture

Part II, Understanding Essential Elements of Highly Effective Teams in a PLC at Work
Chapter 3: Learning Together—The Power of Collective Inquiry
Chapter 4: Staying Restless—The Impact of Continuous Improvement
Chapter 5: Being Urgent—The Value of an Action Orientation
Chapter 6: Getting Better—The Significance of a Focus on Results

Part III: Coaching Collaborative Teams in PLCs at Work
Chapter 7: Assessing a Team’s Current Reality
Chapter 8: Believing in Your Team—Creating Collective Efficacy
Chapter 9: Creating an Action Plan for Coaching Collaborative Teams

Appendix A: Stages of Learning and Essential Elements of a Highly Effective PLC
Appendix B: Action-Planning
Appendix C: Communicating the Action Plan



Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Appendix B

Appendix C



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