The Handbook for Poor Students, Rich Teaching

The Handbook for Poor Students, Rich Teaching

By: Eric Jensen

Explore seven classroom mindsets and accompanying strategies for counteracting the effects of poverty on education and student success. Discover tools, worksheets, and resources designed to help overcome adversity and poverty in schools.

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A guide to overcoming adversity and poverty in schools

Research on poverty and education shows that the majority of public school students in the United States qualify as poor, but you have the power to change their futures for the better. A companion to the revised edition of Eric Jensen’s Poor Students, Rich Teaching, this book for teachers provides a plethora of tools, organizers, worksheets, and surveys designed to help you fully embrace the mindsets in the classroom that lead to richer teaching.

Implement strategies for overcoming adversity and poverty in schools with this practical guide:

  • Explore seven essential mindsets in the classroom, as well as accompanying strategies for each.
  • Discover specific actions and practices that will help you counteract the detrimental effects of poverty on education and student success.
  • Learn how to build meaningful teacher-student relationships specifically with students from poverty.
  • Understand how to engage students and change attitudes, cognitive capacity, effort, and classroom behaviors.
  • Aid students in overcoming adversity and the effects of poverty on education.

A joint publication of ASCD and Solution Tree

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“Poverty is real, but it does not have to be an insurmountable obstacle to academic excellence. This handbook is research-based, comprehensive, and practical. Any educator serving students of poverty must have this book!”

Anthony Muhammad, author and educational consultant

The Handbook for Poor Students, Rich Teaching is set up to easily chunk staff learning for professional development, providing countless opportunities for immediate implementation while also continuing to learn. It is stacked with practical tools and opportunities for reflection on current and future practices. I am ready to buy a copy for each of my staff members!”

Jacqueline Wyant, principal, Marshalltown High School, Iowa

The Handbook for Poor Students, Rich Teaching is the perfect companion book to Poor Students, Rich Teaching. It includes research-based instructional practices that are doable, meaningful, and measurable. It offers many examples to illustrate self-reflective thinking and goal-setting, as well as creative ideas to use with students to inspire and engage them in shaping their own mindsets. It is also an excellent tool to use with colleagues as you collaborate to better understand what is necessary to create empathic classrooms for those students who most need our love and support.”

Kathleen Kryza, international educational consultant, coach, and author

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