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Inclusion Strategies and Interventions, Second Edition

By: Toby J. Karten

Rely on the second edition of this user-friendly guide to help you provide a strong learning path for all students, with a focus on special needs. This resource provides key instructional strategies educators can use to create an inclusive classroom using social-emotional learning (SEL) and a multitiered system of support (MTSS).

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A user-friendly guide to instructional strategies that create an inclusive classroom for diverse learners

In a world filled with diverse students, inclusive education is more important than ever. Rely on the second edition of this user-friendly guide to help you provide a strong learning path for all students in your classroom, with a focus on special needs. The resource includes powerful new strategies, updated best practices, and the latest research to propel your efforts in cultivating inclusive classrooms.

  • Recognize the necessity of inclusion in learning environments and the legal aspects of inclusion in education.
  • Gain a foundational understanding of the varied students and diverse learners who inhabit today’s classrooms.
  • Learn how to strengthen your inclusive, diverse classroom by building collaborative partnerships with co-teachers, special educators, inclusion coaches, and administrators.
  • Explore methods of inclusion across a spectrum of subjects and teaching strategies, as well as how to involve parents and students in the collaborative learning process.
  • Deepen your understanding of the impact social-emotional learning (SEL) has on academic performance.
  • Understand how to organize a multitiered system of support (MTSS) in inclusive classrooms.

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Product Code: BKF963

ISBN: 9781951075217

Published By: Solution Tree

Page Count: 296

“Toby Karten has done it again! Inclusion Strategies and Interventions, Second Edition is an easy-to-understand text that explains the legal foundations of inclusion and provides teachers with reflective self-assessments, strategies across the curriculum, and templates to monitor student progress. The second edition is replete with practical resources for inclusion teachers and their general education partners, providing all they need to be successful in the inclusion classroom.”

Michael Reinknecht, director of special education, West Morris Regional High School District, New Jersey

“Read this book with a fresh batch of highlighters! Toby J Karten’s Inclusions Strategies and Interventions, Second Edition belongs on every educator’s bookshelf. She masterfully merges research and practice into a work that is chock full of critical information and countless strategies for next-day implementation. Timely and relevant, this is a book that teachers will reach for again and again to support every learner.”

Suzy Pepper Rollins, educational author and consultant

“From understanding the inclusion classroom as a theoretical construct through highly specific models, to organizational structures and content-specific strategies, Inclusion Strategies and Interventions, Second Edition has it all. For the new educator or the seasoned veteran, this is a must-have resource for doing inclusion right.”

Harold M. Tarriff, retired director of special services; field supervisor, The College of New Jersey

“In Inclusion Strategies and Interventions, Second Edition, Toby J. Karten offers an updated and thorough account of what inclusion is—and what it isn’t—in today’s educational programs. Presenting an academic treasure trove of strategies and interventions, and delivering an honest appraisal of effectively educating diverse students in changing learning environments, Karten provides a journey into all realms of the inclusion field. Educators will be equipped with the tools they need to ensure all students can learn to the best of their abilities.”

Marianne E. Henry, adjunct instructor, Regional Training Center, New Jersey

Inclusion Strategies and Interventions, Second Edition is a must-read, comprehensive guide that educators of any level and discipline will benefit from exploring. This book is sure to have a place on readers’ desks as they create plans to reach all learners. The easy-to-implement strategies presented in this book can be used the very next day in any classroom, virtual or in person.”

Dana Cansian, supervisor of curriculum and instruction, Kenilworth Public Schools, Illinois

“In Inclusion Strategies and Interventions, Second Edition, Toby J. Karten recognizes that the work to create a successful inclusion setting is never done. This resource provides an excellent guide for anyone at any point along this journey. Starting with foundation-setting information positions the reader to understand all the roles and viewpoints of everyone involved in the inclusion classroom. The subject-specific guidance speaks to the author’s extensive experience in many different instructional settings. Readers will be able to refer back to this book throughout their teaching career as a means to continue effective teaching practices for all in the classroom.”

Jameel Misbahuddin, STEM supervisor and professor