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Jack Baldermann

Jack Baldermann, principal of Westmont High School in Illinois, has been an educational leader for more than 20 years, serving as a superintendent, principal, and teacher.

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Jack Baldermann

Jack Baldermann, principal of Westmont High School in Illinois, has been an educational leader for more than 20 years, serving as a superintendent, principal, and teacher. As director of secondary schools in Hartford, Connecticut, he supervised a talented group of high school and middle school principals in one of the most improved urban school districts in the country.

Jack has been selected as the Illinois High School Principal of the Year for 2017. Under his leadership, Westmont (a Title I school outside Chicago) became a professional learning community in 2012. Since then, the school has achieved a 99 percent graduation rate (including a 100 percent graduation rate for Latino and African American students), made adequate yearly progress (AYP) for the first time in eight years, and had double-digit increases on state math and reading assessments. The advanced placement program was recognized by Newsweek, U.S. News & World Report, and Washington Post as one of the most improved in the United States. The school increased the number of students who passed AP exams and the number of AP Scholars by 500 percent, drastically reduced the number of discipline referrals, and nearly eliminated school suspensions.

In a survey administered by the state, over 97 percent of Westmont faculty agreed that morale was high and the relationship between the administration and teachers was effective. Jack has also helped implement a series of successful intervention strategies to increase student learning.

Previously, Jack served as the superintendent and principal at Riverside Brookfield High School in Illinois. During his tenure, Riverside Brookfield was recognized as one of the most improved schools in Illinois and the nation. Jack's leadership helped the school earn recognition as one of the top 150 high schools in America from 2006 to 2009. The school also made AYP and realized large increases in test scores and graduation rates, including a six-year graduation rate average of 98 percent.

As a mentor for principals and as a consultant for school districts, Jack has helped many districts achieve significant increases in test scores and make AYP. He also initiated positive changes at Carl Sandburg High School (student population of 3,400) and enjoyed success leading several urban schools, implementing professional learning community concepts at these sites.

Jack has led workshops and presented in 46 states and Canada. A student-centered, compassionate, and visionary leader, Jack excels in building teams that significantly improve the educational community and ensure that all students learn. He shares these proven, practical strategies with fellow practitioners in dynamic presentations infused with thought-provoking wit and wisdom.

Jack is pursuing a doctorate in educational leadership from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He holds a master of arts in educational administration from Saint Xavier University, a master of arts in English from Loyola University, and a bachelor of arts in political science and English from the University of Saint Francis.

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Presentations by Jack Baldermann

  • Motivating Disengaged Students: Useful Methods and Ideas for Educators
  • Improving Graduation Rates, Test Scores, and Student Achievement
  • SMART Goals and Other Ideas That Work
  • Building Teams That Significantly Improve Our Educational Community
  • How to Become a Most-Improved and Top-Performing High School
  • Collaborative Leadership to Ensure Learning for All
  • Leading in a Challenging Urban School
  • Strategic Thinking, Leadership, PLCs, and Results

“Jack Baldermann's presentation was simply awesome! Everybody is still talking about his professional development. Jack is one of the best presenters I have encountered in my 36 years as an educator.”

Sheila M. Braxton, English department instructional coordinator, High Point High School, Maryland

“Great information, very persuasive, wonderful audience participation, relevant, and meaningful.”

Barbi Price, English department chair and teacher, Jamestown High School, New York

“As a new teacher, it was helpful for me because it allowed me to get to better know the members of my department and PLC group. I really thought that the SMART goals were a great idea to help keep the group focused on bettering education for our students. Thank you for coming! This presentation opened my eyes on important things I need to do to be an exceptional educator!”

Rachel Cannuli, teacher, Sussex Technical High School, Delaware