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PLC at Work® Evidence of Excellence

Schools and districts from across the globe are transforming their classrooms—and so can you! Our experts have partnered with passionate educators worldwide to make a major impact on teaching and learning. But don't take our word for it. Browse the inspiring stories below to get a firsthand glimpse of their amazing success.

Health care teachers (left to right) Ann Rickman, Harry Wyche, Dr. Jhinora Pollard, Donna Mathias earn A-Team status

Bartow County College and Career Academy

As a result of the collaborative work of the Academy’s health science teachers, the student pass rate on the National Healthcareer Association exam rose from 15% to 81%.

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Group of  school students sitting on the floor reading

Camden Fairview High School

Through the adoption of the PLC at Work® process, Camden Fairview High School achieved its highest-ever graduation rate, with 91% of students successfully completing their senior year.

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Group of high school students participating in a science lab

Clear Lake Community School District

Because of the trust and foundation they have in the PLC process, Clear Lake CSD in northern Iowa transitioned through the pandemic with minimal disruption and have even discovered an accelerated pathway for students to thrive through expert advice from Solution Tree.

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A group of high school students listening to a lecture

École Mission Senior Secondary School

École Mission Senior Secondary School met the challenges of a school district reconfiguration, graduating more students and increasing AP performance.

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A teacher points and shows text to a student

Esther Starkman School (K‑9)

Esther Starkman School met the diverse needs of its students in grades K–9 by taking collective responsibility for the success of each learner.

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A group of high school art students posing in front a piece of art

Fairdale High School

The percentage of college- and career-ready students, as measured by the ACT, rose from 9 to 34.7 in just three years.

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Two Fern Creek high school students talking to a teacher about a paper

Fern Creek High School

Using PLC at Work® and RTI at Work™ processes, Fern Creek High School increased its test scores from the state’s bottom 10% to the 76th percentile of all students within five years.

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Golden Hills Elementary students posing for a picture

Golden Hills Elementary

Over the last three to four years, Golden Hills Elementary School has gone from a place with high disciplinary referrals and below-average grade levels to one where student success and well-being are the primary focus.

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Staff photo of Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts

Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts Middle School

In just five months, proficiency in reading increased 52 percentage points.

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Lake Hamilton Junior High staff posing with their Model PLC School flag

Lake Hamilton Junior High

As a result of introducing the Professional Learning Communities at Work® process into the daily work of staff, student achievement scores grew substantially and Lake Hamilton Junior High rose from a C to a B school.

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Lake County holding a Model PLC Flag

Lake County Schools

Lake County Schools experienced decreases in student achievement that were less than the state average in many areas during school shutdowns due to the pandemic. In addition, math achievement saw an increase in the number of subgroups performing above the state average.

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Mason Crest Staff photo

Mason Crest Elementary

Mason Crest Elementary used the PLC at Work® framework to build a culture of collaboration and ensure high levels of learning for all.

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Minnieville students embrace diversity.

Minnieville Elementary School

Minnieville Elementary School used the PLC at Work® process to address ethnic, linguistic, and economic changes to its student population, as well as to meet and exceed changing standards from the state.

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A Montezuma High School student mentoring an elementary student

Montezuma Community Schools

With a student enrollment of only 539, this rural district is the smallest to become a Model PLC at Work® district.

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Pasadena ISD staff celebrate their district’s distinction as an internationally recognized Model PLC at Work

Pasadena Independent School District

In three years, the percentage of students in grades 9–12 who achieved mastery in algebra rose from 75% to 90%.

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Five middle school Sanger students posing for a group photo

Sanger Unified School District

From 2005 to 2012, student scores on the California Academic Performance Index (API) increased from 702 to 822. For EL students, the scores increased from 636 to 772.

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Seneca High School Principal Dillard leading a pep rally

Seneca High School

In just two years, Seneca High School rose to the 42nd percentile of all schools in the state after being in the bottom 5th percentile.

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Southeast Polk Community School District Staff

Southeast Polk Community School District

After working with Solution Tree, Mitchellville Elementary School, a Title I school serving a community with a high number of students who qualify for free and reduced fees, received an “Exceptional” rating in the Iowa School Performance Profiles

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A teacher posing with a student in the classroom

St. Andrews School

St. Andrews School used the PLC at Work® process to provide staff with more time to collaborate, improve data collection practices, and increase student reading scores year-over-year.

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Exterior of the Stuts Road Elementary School building

Stults Road Elementary School

The Texas Commissioner of Education named Stults Road one of two schools in the state to receive the 2010 National Title I Distinguished Award.

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Tongue River Elementary School teachers posing outside their building

Tongue River Elementary School

One cohort of students qualifying for free and reduced lunch showed continuous improvement in English and mathematics from third through fifth grade. Percent proficiency increased 29 percent in English and 284 percent in math.

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A group of Woodbine educators in a meeting

Woodbine Community School District

In the 2020–2021 school year, the proficiency of all Woodbine eighth graders was 15% higher in English than that of eighth graders statewide, 6% higher in mathematics, and 18% higher in science.

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A Woodlawn teacher working with a middle school student

Woodlawn Middle School

Woodlawn Middle School has used the Professional Learning Community process to foster collaboration and ensure high levels of learning for more than 15 years.

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A teacher reading to a group of students at a table

Wyoming Department of Education

The Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) partnered with Solution Tree to provide professional development to K–12 teachers on the PLC at Work process.

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