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  1. Bill Barnes


    Bill Barnes is chief academic officer for the Howard County Public School System in Maryland. He is also director of Eastern Region 2 for the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics and an adjunct professor.

  2. Judy Curran Buck

    Mathematics Technology

    Judy Curran Buck, PhD, is a consultant focused on the professional development needs of mathematics educators. She has 30 years of experience in education, serving as a teacher, professor, and principal.

  3. Suyi Chuang


    Suyi Chuang is the professional learning supervisor for Loudoun County Public Schools in Ashburn, Virginia. Suyi also serves the school district as a certified project-based learning (PBL) facilitator and formerly served the district as a supervisor of K–12 mathematics.

  4. Jason Cianfrance


    Jason Cianfrance has served as a high school mathematics teacher for more than 20 years. He also has experience teaching a rigorous STEM program, as well as with special education co-teaching.

  5. Jennifer Deinhart

    Mathematics Professional Learning Communities

    Jennifer Deinhart is an educational consultant and K–8 mathematics specialist. Jennifer is currently working as a mathematics instructional coach at Rose Hill Elementary, part of Fairfax County Public Schools.

  6. Maria Everett

    Mathematics Teams

    Maria Everett is an educational speaker with over 30 years of experience in mathematics education. Her leadership emphasizes and supports collaborative planning, implementation of rigorous mathematics instruction, and best instructional practices.

  7. Linda Fulmore


    Linda Fulmore, EdD, is a consultant with an interest in helping schools develop and sustain professional learning communities in mathematics. She has over 30 years of experience in education.

  8. Tracey A. Hulen

    Instruction Professional Learning Communities Teams

    Tracey Hulen is an elementary and middle school mathematics specialist with experience leading two professional learning communities in Fairfax County, Virginia, to Model PLC status.

  9. Darshan M. Jain

    Competency-Based Learning Mathematics Professional Learning Communities

    Darshan M. Jain is the director of mathematics and computer science at Adlai E. Stevenson High School in Illinois. Previously, he served as an award-winning mathematics teacher as well as as a curriculum team leader.

  10. Timothy D. Kanold

    Leadership Mathematics Professional Learning Communities School Improvement Teacher Efficacy

    Timothy D. Kanold, PhD, an award-winning educator and author, is former superintendent of Adlai E. Stevenson High School District 125, a model professional learning community district in Lincolnshire, Illinois.