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  1. Mark Wilding

    Diversity & Equity Instruction

    Mark Wilding creates and delivers programs that support educators to develop the capacities necessary to sustain an authentic teaching practice, engage students, support learning outcomes, and collaborate effectively with colleagues.

  2. Katie White


    Katie White is a coordinator of learning for the North East School Division in Saskatchewan, Canada. Katie has been an integral part of her school division’s multiyear journey through educational reform, including a response to renewed curricula that resulted in a standards (outcomes)-based approach to assessment, learning, and reporting.

  3. Todd Whitaker


    Todd Whitaker, PhD, is a professor at Indiana State University. Recognized as a leading presenter in the fields of education and leadership, his message has resonated with over a million professionals around the world.

  4. Taylar Wenzel


    Taylar Wenzel, EdD, is a faculty member in the College of Education and Human Performance at the University of Central Florida, where she teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in elementary education.

  5. Bruce Wellman

    School Improvement Teams

    Bruce Wellman, a consultant, has served as a classroom teacher, curriculum coordinator, and staff developer in Oberlin, Ohio, and Concord, Massachusetts, public schools.

  6. Jonathan Weinstein

    21st Century Skills Social and Emotional Learning

    Jonathan Weinstein is a clinical psychologist with the Veterans Administration. He serves as the suicide prevention coordinator at the VA Hudson Valley Healthcare System and holds appointment as assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at New York Medical College.

  7. Mark Weichel

    Competency-Based Learning

    Mark Weichel, EdD, an assistant superintendent, is a former high school building administrator and junior high school teacher who played a vital leadership role as his school transformed into a successful PLC.

  8. Laura Weaver

    Diversity & Equity Instruction

    Laura Weaver teaches courses and workshops, offers presentations, consults with schools, develops resources for educators and parents, and facilitates rites of passage programs for young people.

  9. Nathan L. Wear

    Assessment Instruction

    Nathan L. Wear is the associate superintendent and chief academic officer of Linn-Mar CSD in Marion, Iowa. He has served as an elementary teacher and as an elementary and high school principal.

  10. Barbara K. Watterston

    Barbara K. Watterston, EdD, has held a number of school and executive leadership positions across Australia. Her national and international research, design of school and system leadership programs, coaching and speaking engagements emphasize the impact of high-quality leadership on student learning.