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  1. Adam Garry

    Adam Garry

    21st Century Skills Technology

    Adam Garry is a former elementary school teacher. He has presented at numerous conferences around the world, including for the International Society of Technology in Education.

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  2. Alex Gonzalez

    Alex Gonzalez


    Alex Gonzalez is the technology coordinator at Health Sciences High and Middle College in San Diego, California. He emphasizes forward thinking, convenience, security, and application when using technology in the classroom.

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  3. Julie Graber

    Julie Graber

    21st Century Skills Instruction Technology

    Julie Graber, an education consultant, works with educators to implement effective teaching, learning, leading, and technology practices. Her areas of expertise include technology, authentic learning, curriculum design, and performance tasks and assessments.

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  4. Heidi Hayes Jacobs

    Heidi Hayes Jacobs

    21st Century Skills Instruction Technology

    Heidi Hayes Jacobs, EdD, is an internationally recognized expert in curriculum development, vertical planning, modern assessment design, and 21st century strategic planning. Her model for curriculum mapping is used throughout the world.

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  5. Jessica Kanold-McIntyre

    Jessica Kanold-McIntyre

    Mathematics Technology

    Jessica Kanold-McIntyre is an educational consultant and author committed to supporting teacher implementation of rigorous mathematics curriculum and assessment practices, blended with research-informed instructional practices.

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  6. Frank Kelly

    Frank Kelly

    21st Century Skills Instruction Technology

    Frank Kelly is an award-winning architect and planner based in Houston, Texas. He has a deep interest in education and all of the elements that comprise the environment teachers and students experience in schools.

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  7. Katie Stover Kelly

    Katie Stover Kelly

    Literacy Reading Student Engagement Technology

    Katie Stover Kelly, PhD, is an associate professor of education at Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina. A former elementary teacher and literacy coach, her research interests include teacher preparation and development in the areas of literacy instruction and assessment.

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  8. William Kist

    William Kist

    21st Century Skills Differentiated Instruction Technology

    William Kist, PhD, is a full professor at Kent State University. A former middle and high school English teacher and language arts and social studies curriculum supervisor, he has become a sought-after consultant.

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  9. Rob Mancabelli

    Rob Mancabelli

    21st Century Skills Technology

    Rob Mancabelli has nearly 20 years of experience in educational leadership, technology, and planning. He partners with schools, universities, and corporations to develop 21st century learning organizations.

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  10. Marge Maxwell

    Marge Maxwell

    21st Century Skills Curriculum Instruction Technology

    Marge Maxwell, PhD, is a professor of educational technology at Western Kentucky University. She has been helping educators implement technology into teaching and learning for more than 30 years.

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