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  1. Steve Van Bockern

    Steve Van Bockern

    Diversity & Equity Violence & Crisis Prevention Youth at Risk

    Steve Van Bockern is a professor of education at Augustana University in South Dakota. Formerly a teacher and principal, his research interests include resiliency, alternative education, restorative justice, bullying, discipline, and creating well-being.

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  2. Aaron Hansen

    Aaron Hansen

    Violence & Crisis Prevention

    Aaron Hansen is an internationally recognized author and speaker who focuses on empowering teachers and their leaders using PLC and RTI principles.

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  3. Cheri Lovre

    Cheri Lovre

    Violence & Crisis Prevention

    Cheri Lovre, an author and a consultant, has nearly 30 years of experience in crisis response and trauma intervention and is an internationally acclaimed leader in the field.

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  4. Kimberly Williams

    Kimberly Williams

    Leadership Violence & Crisis Prevention

    Kimberly Williams, PhD, is a faculty member at the Plymouth State University College of Graduate Studies, Dr. Williams teaches graduate courses for teachers on cognition, history, and philosophy of education.

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