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Becoming Active Citizens

Practices to Engage Students in Civic Education Across the Curriculum

By: Tom Driscoll, Shawn W. McCusker

How do you encourage active citizenship in the classroom? This innovative resource provides a practical approach for creating authentic, engaging learning experiences. Prepare students to participate in civic discourse while creating a positive classroom culture.

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Format: Paperback

An Innovative Resource Geared to Transform Civic Education in the Classroom

Reimagine civic education! This innovative resource provides practical strategies and technological resources for creating authentic, engaging learning experiences that empower students to participate in civic discourse and action. It examines the current reality of civic education in the United States and other democracies, identifies why change is necessary, and guides readers on how to spark interest and build skills for participating in a democratic society.

K–12 educators and leaders will:

  • Learn how to transform civic education to prepare students to become active and engaged citizens
  • Discover how to weave civic instruction across the curriculum to create authentic, interdisciplinary projects
  • Explore games and other activities that enhance student engagement and understanding of civics
  • Receive lesson examples of effective civic instruction for various grade levels and subject areas
  • Understand how to create opportunities for teaching democratic values through productive civil discourse

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Product Code: BKG042

ISBN: 9781952812934

Published By: Solution Tree

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