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Be the Driving Force

Leading Your School on the Road to Equity

By: Don Parker

Foreword by: William D. Parker

Be the Driving Force is a powerful resource because it is personal, reliable, and practical,” writes educator and author William D. Parker. Principals will discover insightful guidance on building self-confidence, leading with integrity, and ensuring equity in education and culturally responsive practices.

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Principals either drive school equity or tap the brakes on it. Which kind of leader are you?

School equity demands a comprehensive understanding of the intricate relationship between school leadership and the complex social, economic, and political contexts that shape the education system. Maintain your motivation and focus to do this important work.This essential leadership guide offers research-based strategies, action steps, and reflection questions to help leaders become the driving force for schoolwide equitable practices.

This book will help K–12 school principals:

  • Understand the impact leadership has on equity in schools
  • Integrate effective school leadership research into everyday practice
  • Build trust and respect with students, staff, and community through effective communication
  • Lead with strength and integrity
  • Collaborate effectively with teachers to establish an inclusive and equitable environment
  • Explore discussion questions, surveys, and action steps to internalize the content and encourage follow-through
  • Discover various leadership styles and how to select the one appropriate for them and their schools

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Additional Information

Product Code: BKG090

ISBN: 9781954631496

Published By: Solution Tree

Be the Driving Force is a realistic, authentic, and practical guide to help educators create environments that are centered around belonging, safety, caring, and equity. In this book, Dr. Parker thoughtfully outlines the essential components needed to lead and create inclusive cultures centered around equity, where all students can learn, grow, and thrive.”

Bhavna Sharma Lewis, superintendent of schools, Diamond Lake School District 76, Illinois

Be the Driving Force cuts through the confusion, noise, and ambiguity often associated with the topic of equity in schools. Equity is not an initiative; it is a foundational core value of effective schooling. In this book, Dr. Parker does a masterful job addressing all the philosophical misunderstandings concerning equity and provides a practical pathway for anyone truly interested in serving all students fully!”

Anthony Muhammad, author and educational consultant

“After reading Be the Driving Force: Leading Your School on the Road to Equity, I am convinced Dr. Parker has written the book that school leaders have been looking for in the area of equity. There are many books out there regarding equitable classroom practices, but there’s a noticeable absence of a “playbook” for principals and other school leaders. In this book, Dr. Parker empowers leaders to increase their understanding of their role in ensuring every student has an equitable opportunity for success.”

Baruti Kafele, educational consultant, author, and retired principal

“With his cleverness, a soul filled with empathy, and a rare instinct for the inner workings of the human spirit, author Don Parker has created this gift for all leaders. Be the Driving Force is a unique template for what leaders must do now to ensure passion and focus on the journey to equity in our schools. This unique resource offers the key to bold leadership of integrity and purpose, and decisive, thoughtful action for students.”

Tresa D. Dunbar, superintendent of schools, Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice

“In Be the Driving Force: Leading Your School on the Road to Equity, Dr. Parker illustrates the why, the what, and the how needed to ensure that every student is provided with the conditions to support equitable access to excellence in education. This is a 'must-read' book for all educators and school leaders.”

Michael Lubelfeld, author, superintendent of schools, North Shore School District 112, Illinois