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Building the Resilient School

Building the Resilient School

Overcoming the Effects of Poverty With a Culture of Hope

By: Robert D. Barr, Emily L. Gibson

Discover how to use resiliency and hope to address student needs and overcome the effects of poverty in the 21st century. Build learners’ emotional intelligence and self-regulation skills so they can face adversity and defeat learned helplessness.

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A guide to building resilient schools and fighting against the epidemic of poverty

Overcome the effects of poverty in the 21st century by embracing an innovative new vision of public schooling. With the guidance of this practical, research-driven resource, you will discover a model for building resilient schools that helps students work through their emotional and mental health needs, connect with caring adults, and find purpose for their lives.

  • Study the widespread poverty that currently exists in the United States.
  • Understand the ways poverty traumatizes students, impedes their mental development, and damages and interferes with their ability to learn.
  • Become familiar with secondary trauma and the ways educators can be traumatized by the compassion fatigue of working in communities that experience high rates of poverty.
  • Learn how the effects of poverty can be mitigated through the development of resiliency in students, which can lead to decreased absenteeism and increased learning.
  • Explore the four cornerstones of resilient schools.
  • Discover the importance of resilient schools in overcoming the effects of poverty and supporting students and students’ families who are experiencing poverty.

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