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Riding the Wave

Riding the Wave

Teacher Strategies for Navigating Change and Strengthening Key Relationships

By: Jeremy S. Adams

Deftly navigate the constant cycles of change and truly thrive in the classroom with the support of this actionable resource. Build strong relationships with classroom management strategies and empowering leadership. Achieve professional fulfillment by responding to changes in education with meaningful self-care.

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Navigate changes in education and achieve professional fulfillment by building strong relationships

Deftly navigate the constant cycles of change and reform with the support of this actionable resource. Author Jeremy S. Adams identifies five key teacher relationships—the self, students, colleagues, administrators, and the community—and outlines how change impacts each. Discover concrete strategies for not only strengthening these relationships but also rediscovering professional purpose and truly thriving in the classroom.

  • Recognize the waves of change that are characteristic of 21st century education.
  • Explore the dynamics of the five key relationships in which classroom teachers are involved.
  • Identify the ways in which teacher morale affects teacher efficacy and collaboration, as well as overall school morale.
  • Reflect on and respond to the problem or strategy presented at the end of every section.
  • Learn specific research-based strategies for improving the five key relationships.

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Product Code: BKF936

ISBN: 9781949539592

Published By: Solution Tree

Page Count: 200

“Jeremy Adams has written the book that will help us all return to the magic that lives inside our classrooms and our schools. Through the five concentric circles of pivotal teacher relationships, Adams provides actionable and meaningful steps to help readers remember their why while gracefully riding the wave of our educational world.”

Tina H. Boogren, author and educational consultant

“In Riding the Wave, author Jeremy Adams brings a compassionate lens to the role educators must play while navigating the constant change and added responsibilities found in our 21st century schools. He perceptively connects how building appreciative and supportive relationships in the school setting is critical to anchoring our well-being and sustaining joy and enthusiasm for our work. Riding the Wave helps us walk a mile in another’s shoes to reconsider the importance of empathy and understanding in our work relationships, which can sometimes get lost in the turmoil that accompanies educational change and reform. This book offers timely and important advice for any school educator trying to ride the wave of educational change with grace and dignity.”

Robin Noble, author and educational consultant

Riding the Wave is a must-read for all teachers seeking to flourish in the midst of juggling increasing demands and the struggle to meet the needs of students in an ever-changing world. It puts into words what teachers experience at the deepest levels, explaining with honesty and respect how and why emotional exhaustion, burnout, and low morale plague even the most dedicated teachers and schools.”

Esther Wu, English language arts teacher, Mountain View High School, California

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