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  1. Not Yet . . . And That’s OK

    How Productive Struggle Fosters Student Learning

    Every learning challenge is an empowering opportunity to grow. With this teacher-friendly resource, you will learn how to help your students celebrate the academic experience, embrace productive struggle, and deeply value themselves as learners and risk-takers.

    USD $31.95


  2. Five Paths of Student Engagement

    Blazing the Trail to Learning and Success

    With Five Paths of Student Engagement, you will embark on an educational quest that leads to improved learning and well-being for students. Learn practical approaches to improving student engagement and build the foundation for students to grow in knowledge and ability.

    USD $36.95


  3. You Can Learn!

    Building Student Ownership, Motivation, and Efficacy With the PLC at Work® Process

    Great learning starts when students believe in their academic abilities. In You Can Learn!, authors Tim Brown and William M. Ferriter introduce intentional and purposeful steps your PLC team can take to increase the self-efficacy of every learner. Learn research-backed strategies to boost student engagement and achievement and help students take ownership of their learning.

    USD $36.95


  4. Doable Differentiation

    Twelve Strategies to Meet the Needs of All Learners

    Differentiating for students’ learning preferences can often seem too complex and complicated for too little gain. Learn a better way forward with the guidance of Doable Differentiation. Author Jane A.G. Kise provides a series of straightforward, high-reward strategies that K–12 educators like you successfully use in their daily practice to support, engage, and challenge students with diverse learning styles.

    USD $39.95


  5. Motivating Students Who Don’t Care, Second Edition

    Proven Strategies to Engage All Learners

    In the second edition of this valuable resource, Allen Mendler offers specific, practical strategies on how to reignite enthusiasm in even the most unmotivated students. Learn classroom and behavior management strategies that will help support struggling students and build positive teacher-student relationships.

    USD $26.95


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