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The School Wellness Wheel

A Framework Addressing Trauma, Culture, and Mastery to Raise Student Achievement

By: Mike Ruyle, Libby Child, Nancy Dome

Discover how your school can evolve to address trauma, promote well-being, and elevate learning with The School Wellness Wheel.

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The School Wellness Wheel

Your school can evolve to address trauma, promote well-being, and elevate learning. The School Wellness Wheel by Mike Ruyle, Libby Child, and Nancy Dome will show you how. Backed by educational, psychological, and medical research, the resource introduces a growth-focused framework for supporting students’ cognitive, social, and emotional needs. Each chapter contains vignettes, examples, and advice from educators who are actively engaged in transforming their schools into centers of healing and resilience.

  • Learn how to develop resilience-centered schools that promote healing and higher levels of wellness and learning.
  • Discover and grow the three components of the school wellness wheel: (1) mastery-based learning, (2) trauma-responsive schooling, and (3) culturally responsive teaching.
  • Acquire research-based practices to foster a culture of mastery and ownership and build positive teacher-student relationships.
  • Understand the effects of trauma and adverse childhood experiences on students' cognitive, social, and emotional growth.
  • Study how an educator’s self-regulation is related to students’ self-regulation.

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