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Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts Middle School Book Study List

Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts Middle School principal Bo Ryan, literacy coach Sarah Henry, and assistant principal Brendan Hines read and discussed dozens of Solution Tree books that were used for learning, sharing, creating, and research. Learn how book studies helped the school make significant progress toward closing the achievement gap and improving overall student performance by viewing their success story.
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  1. On Common Ground

    On Common Ground

    The Power of Professional Learning Communities

    Edited by: Richard DuFour, Robert Eaker, Rebecca DuFour

    Contributors: Roland Barth, Rebecca DuFour, Richard DuFour, Robert Eaker, Barbara Eason-Watkins, Michael Fullan, Lawrence W. Lezotte, Douglas Reeves, Jonathon Saphier, Mike Schmoker, Dennis Sparks, Rick Stiggins

    Examine a colorful cross section of educators experiences with PLCs. This collection of insights from practitioners throughout North America highlights the benefits of PLCs.



  2. Revisiting Professional Learning Communities at Work™

    Revisiting Professional Learning Communities at Work™

    New Insights for Improving Schools

    By: Rebecca DuFour, Richard DuFour, Robert Eaker

    This tenth-anniversary sequel to Professional Learning Communities at Work™ offers advanced insights on deep implementation, the commitment/consensus issue, and the human side of PLCs.



  3. On Excellence in Teaching

    On Excellence in Teaching

    Edited by: Robert J. Marzano

    Contributors: Barrie Bennett, David Berliner, Jere Brophy, Lynn Erickson, Thomas Good, Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Jana S. Marzano, Robert J. Marzano, Richard Mayer, Jay McTighe, Matthew Perini, Debra J. Pickering, Harvey Silver, Carol Ann Tomlinson, Grant Wiggins

    The world's best education researchers, theorists, and staff developers provide a comprehensive view of instruction from a theoretical, systemic, and classroom perspective.

    Regular Price: USD$39.95

    Special Price: USD$28.46


  4. Raising the Bar and Closing the Gap

    Raising the Bar and Closing the Gap

    Whatever It Takes

    By: Richard DuFour, Rebecca DuFour, Robert Eaker, Gayle Karhanek

    This expansion of Whatever It Takes sharpens the focus on the pyramid of interventions strategy and presents new insights.



  5. The Highly Engaged Classroom

    The Highly Engaged Classroom

    By: Robert J. Marzano, Debra J. Pickering

    Key research and practical strategies enable all teachers to create a classroom environment where engagement is the norm, not the exception.



  6. Leaders of Learning

    Leaders of Learning

    How District, School, and Classroom Leaders Improve Student Achievement

    By: Richard DuFour, Robert J. Marzano

    The authors examine how district leadership, principal leadership, team leadership, and effective teachers can improve student achievement.



  7. Pyramid of Behavior Interventions

    Pyramid of Behavior Interventions

    Seven Keys to a Positive Learning Environment

    By: Tom Hierck, Charlie Coleman, Chris Weber

    Learn how using a pyramid of behavior supports can create a school culture in which learning is primed to occur.



  8. Breaking the Poverty Barrier

    Breaking the Poverty Barrier

    Changing Student Lives With Passion, Perseverance, and Performance

    By: Ricardo LeBlanc-Esparza, William S. Roulston

    This book illustrates the specific strategies that transformed a school with shockingly low proficiency into a National Showcase School.



  9. Every School, Every Team, Every Classroom

    Every School, Every Team, Every Classroom

    District Leadership for Growing Professional Learning Communities at Work™

    By: Robert Eaker, Janel Keating

    With a focus on creating simultaneous top-down and bottom-up leadership, the authors show how to grow PLCs by encouraging innovation at every level.



  10. Simplifying Response to Intervention

    Simplifying Response to Intervention

    Four Essential Guiding Principles

    By: Austin Buffum, Mike Mattos, Chris Weber


    Change how you think about RTI, and learn how to create an effective model that begins with quality instruction in every classroom.



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