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Holistic Leadership, Thriving Schools

Twelve Lenses to Balance Priorities and Serve the Whole Student

By: Jane A. G. Kise

Lead a whole-child learning environment where student engagement and success thrive. This practical educational leadership book guides school leaders in using 12 powerful leadership lenses and the stages of leadership development to overcome challenges and balance priorities while still supporting the whole student.

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Reflective school leadership for whole-child learning environments

Build a school where students flourish academically while also meeting their social and emotional learning needs. In this practical school leadership book, author Jane A. G. Kise offers a toolkit of strategies specially designed to support the leadership development goals and daily work of school leaders. Learn how to overcome ongoing school leadership challenges, navigate competing priorities, and unite your entire school community around one common purpose: supporting whole-child learning.

GOLD Award in the Education Category for Workbook/Resources

Lead schools in teaching the whole student with help from this educational leadership book:

  • Understand the benefits of student engagement and having the whole child present in the classroom.
  • Study the twelve lenses of school leadership—core educational leadership responsibilities that are essential for leading whole-child schools.
  • Overcome biases and balance student and adult needs by developing leadership skills and emotional intelligence.
  • Learn how effective educational leadership goal-setting can create an environment strengthened by collaborative trust, where students and educators feel engaged and motivated.
  • Gain insight into SMART goal-setting for leadership development, establishing a priority focus to achieve real goals.

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Product Code: BKF821

ISBN: 9781945349935

Published By: Solution Tree

Page Count: 248

"This book is a welcome relief for school leaders in our complex and uncertain times. Jane Kise elegantly helps us navigate this bumpy road through twelve core leadership lenses. She reminds us that, while it is important to focus on the road ahead, it is equally critical to balance the drive by checking the rear-view mirror and our blind spots at the same time."

Karen Power, author, leadership and school improvement coach

"Jane Kise's Holistic Leadership, Thriving Schools is a book with heft and wisdom. Kise has such an approachable voice, and with her expertise and her takeaways in each chapter, the reader becomes more emotionally aware, more flexible, and much more effective. I had so many aha moments throughout the text, and I will be digging into it over and over again to find language and insight that will no doubt build my leadership capacity and help the schools in which I work."

Jennifer Abrams, author of Swimming in the Deep End: Four Foundational Skills for Leading Successful School Initiatives

"I feel inspired, affirmed, and motivated when I read the text. There are so many thoughtful approaches to the challenges our education leaders face every day. This is a book you won’t be able to put down.”

Stephanie Hirsh, executive director, Learning Forward

"Our drive to improve student learning seems to constantly shuttle us back and forth between competing solutions to our most pressing problems—giving everyone reform whiplash. In Holistic Leadership, Thriving Schools, Jane Kise pinpoints both the cause of these pendulum swings and the ultimate solution—we must recognize these tensions as polarities to manage, rather than problems to be fixed. Her both-and perspective will help school and district leaders see the wisdom in maintaining healthy tensions, especially on key issues that tend to pit teachers against administrators. Highly recommended."

Justin Baeder, author of Now We’re Talking! 21 Days to High-Performance Instructional Leadership