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The Marzano Synthesis

A Collected Guide to What Works in K–12 Education

By: Julia A. Simms

With so many professional learning topics available, teachers sometimes gain expertise in multiple areas without understanding how it all connects to better serve students. This book helps you put it all together—from student engagement to metacognitive skills to standards-based curriculum and more.

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Format: Paperback

A structured exploration of education research to inform your teaching practice

This book offers K–12 educators a comprehensive framework connecting myriad professional learning topics in one cohesive, easy-to-follow guide. Organized into three parts that focus on students, teachers, and principals, The Marzano Synthesis delivers a structured exploration of mental systems, standards and curriculum, assessment, and other key topics. See how it all fits together, supported by Robert Marzano’s decades of research plus new findings in education.

K–12 educators will:

  • Receive a comprehensive overview of key concepts in education through the lens of Robert Marzano’s research
  • Delve into the four systems that comprise students’ thinking and learning
  • Align intended, taught, and attained curricula through proficiency scales and classroom assessment
  • Explore self- and metacognitive systems and learn how to use these systems to promote greater teacher well-being
  • Reflect on the importance of planning and review to instruction, as well as how technology can assist teachers in these essential tasks
  • Understand what the research says about how the role of the principal can benefit teacher development and guarantee learning for all students

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