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Mathematics Instruction and Tasks in a PLC at Work®, Second Edition

By: Mona Toncheff, Timothy D. Kanold, Sarah Schuhl, Bill Barnes, Jennifer Deinhart, Jessica Kanold-McIntyre, Matthew R. Larson

Gain lesson-design strategies and instructional methods of teaching mathematics in a professional learning community (PLC). This results-oriented book presents an approach for teaching math that supports student perseverance and learning through standards-based activities and lessons.

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Develop a standards-based curriculum for teaching student-centered mathematics

Build collective teacher efficacy and students’ mathematical thinking using the Mathematics in a PLC at Work™ lesson-design process. This second edition of the popular Mathematics Instruction and Tasks book guides preK–12 teacher teams in ensuring improved mathematics achievement. Gain new and enhanced understanding of research-affirmed instructional routines, and learn how to efficiently elicit high levels of student engagement and self-efficacy.

Implement instructional strategies and methods of teaching mathematics in a professional learning community. This book will help preK–12 mathematics teachers and teacher teams:

  • Identify essential mathematics content standards students learn during a unit
  • Understand the importance of communicating the why of the essential mathematics learning standards to students
  • Plan for the use of balanced rigor and mathematical routines to teach each content standard during instruction
  • Use a balance of appropriate mathematics activities and tasks needed to develop conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and application of mathematical concepts and skills
  • Implement instructional math routines that ensure the formative learning of all students during lessons

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