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  1. Mathematics Unit Planning in a PLC at Work®, Grades 6–8

    Improve mathematics achievement across grades 6–8 through a collaborative unit planning process. This resource will help educators in a professional learning community (PLC) with mathematics unit planning and collaborative teaching for middle school, junior high school, and intermediate schools.

    USD $31.95


  2. Mathematics Unit Planning in a PLC at Work®, Grades 3–5

    Part of the Every Student Can Learn Mathematics series, this practical resource provides a teacher framework for collectively planning a unit of study with learning outcomes in grades 3–5. Foster team collaboration that helps students use appropriate tools to improve their math vocabulary and meet academic standards.

    USD $31.95


  3. Mathematics at Work™ Plan Book

    Access a wealth of math unit planning resources and lesson plan guidance for research-based mathematics practices. Developed by experts Timothy D. Kanold and Sarah Schuhl, this unit planning guide combines 38 weekly planning pages with activities to help your collaborative team ensure every student learns mathematics.

    USD $19.95


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