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Positive Behaviors Start With Positive Mindsets

Twenty-Eight Actions to Motivate Students and Boost Achievement

By: Tom Hierck, Chris Weber

Using validated strategies and practical actions, K–12 educators can use this book to ensure that all students possess the four positive mindsets foundational to student achievement: (1) “I belong in this academic community,” (2) “I can succeed at this,” (3) “This work has value for me,” and (4) “My ability and competence grow with effort.”

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Format: Paperback

Take action to foster positive student mindsets

Explore the research-based measures that help educators influence their students’ mindsets and inform behaviors, motivation, and engagement. Using 28 action items, educators can proactively plan, introduce new ideas, and strengthen existing practices to ensure that all students develop positive mindsets and productive behaviors. Learn why fostering four positive mindsets is critical to student success in school and life.

Grades K–12 teachers will:

  • Understand what the four foundational positive mindsets look like in a student and how to nurture each
  • Determine whether classroom and school policies, procedures, and practices match the desired outcomes
  • Receive surveys that help gauge student mindsets
  • Discover novel ways to make setting short- and long-term goals part of the classroom and school culture
  • Create action plans for fostering the four mindsets and monitor student progress toward positivity

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