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Design in Five, Second Edition

Essential Phases to Create Engaging Assessment Practice

By: Nicole Dimich

Foreword by: Douglas Reeves

“The singular contribution of this book is shifting the focus of assessment from external audiences to students,” writes author and assessment expert Douglas Reeves in the foreword. Design in Five [Second Edition] inspires educators to rethink old ways of assessing student learning and empowers them to create meaningful, relevant assessments to ensure high levels of learning.

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Format: Paperback

Make assessments more relevant, meaningful, and focused on student learning

This second edition of the best-selling, award-winning Design in Five offers new and targeted information for reimagining assessment practices, as well as refined processes and protocols to fully engage learners. Refinements to the original five-phase protocol come from actual experiences of teachers who have engaged with the process. This is the book you need to design and use assessment well.

This book will help K–12 teachers, administrators, and students of teacher preparation courses:

  • Reflect on current assessment practices to determine their effectiveness
  • Learn and implement a five-phase process to design meaningful, relevant
  • assessments that lead to high levels of learning for all
  • Align and design items and tasks to learning goals
  • Design assessments that help students invest in their learning and take action to improve
  • Access numerous reproducible surveys, charts, and sample assessments

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