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Elevating Competency-Based Learning in a PLC at Work®

Actionable Assessment, Defensible Evidence, and Equitable Grading

By: Karin K. Hess, Brian M. Stack, Jonathan G. Vander Els

Foreword by: Virgel Hammonds

Build a defensible body of evidence for every student. The IMPACT framework and the seven design principles of competency-based learning, as presented in this book, make this practical and doable for professional learning communities. This framework helps with clarifying learning expectations, planning assessments, and establishing protocols for proficient performance.

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Format: Paperback

Build a defensible body of evidence for student-centered learning

When it comes to tracking student progress, not all evidence is created equal. Using the IMPACT framework—illumination, multiple sources and opportunities, pedagogies that are learner-centered, assessment practices, collective actions, and transparency—K–12 leaders and teachers can forge a defensible body of evidence for learning that is central to competency-based learning systems. With tools and strategies, this book is an essential guide for deeper student-centered learning.

K–12 school leaders and teachers will:

  • Learn how IMPACT can help them build a rock-solid body of evidence, ensuring their schools meet all accountability measures
  • Discover how PLCs can support evidence collection and drive data-driven decision making
  • Design assessments that illuminate deep learning and empower learners, resulting in high-quality work
  • Understand how to implement diverse evidence sources—from rubrics and portfolios to personalized learning plans—to paint a complete picture of student progress
  • Master the art of equitable, evidence-based grading and reporting practices that support every learner’s unique journey

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