Proficiency-Based Grading in the Content Areas

Proficiency-Based Grading in the Content Areas

Best Practices for Implementation

Edited by: Anthony R. Reibel, Eric Twadell

By: Wendy Custable, Justin Fisk, Jon Grice, Darshan Jain, Doug Lillydahl, Eric Ramos, Anthony R. Reibel, Bradley Smith, Eric Twadell, Steven M. Wood

Discover a clear path for implementing a proficiency-based grading (evidence-based grading) system where student growth is at the heart of every classroom, in every content area, from career and technical education to world languages.

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Proficiency-Based Grading in the Content Areas

No matter the content area or grade level, proficiency-based grading puts student growth at the heart of the classroom. Designed for content-area teachers and administrators, Proficiency-Based Grading in the Content Areas details how to implement evidence-based grading and maintain its effectiveness over time. This book equips any educator—from technical to fine arts—with the tools to make this shift.

Use proficiency-based grading (also known as evidence-based grading) to drive student success:

  • Become familiar with the basic concepts and essential decisions of evidence-based grading that apply to all content areas.
  • Study individual-level and institutional-level grading decisions and how they differ from each other.
  • Become familiar with the steps, paradigm shifts, and pedagogy necessary to implement proficiency-based grading in a particular content area.
  • Study the ways proficiency-based grading differs from content area to content area and the unique benefits it offers to each.
  • Follow a structure that mirrors flow psychology and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s five stages of creativity.

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