Simplifying Response to Intervention

Simplifying Response to Intervention BESTSELLER

Four Essential Guiding Principles

By: Austin Buffum, Mike Mattos, Chris Weber

Change how you think about RTI, and learn how to create an effective model that begins with quality instruction in every classroom.

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Simplifying Response to Intervention

The sequel to Pyramid Response to Intervention advocates that a successful RTI model begins by asking the right questions to create a fundamentally effective learning environment for every student. RTI is not a series of implementation steps, but rather a way of thinking. Understand why bureaucratic, paperwork-heavy, compliance-oriented, test-score-driven approaches fail. Then learn how to create a focused RTI model that works.

  • Use the four guiding principles to guide thinking and implementation.
  • Shift to a culture of collective responsibility, and build team structures for collaboration.
  • Define essential learnings in a program of concentrated instruction.
  • Develop a system of convergent assessment to identify students for intervention, determine their unique needs, monitor their progress, and revise or extend learning based on their progress.

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  • flipped triangle

    Glad the authors flipped the RTI triangle as it makes even more sense now. Should I worry that it may tip as we are able to move more students to Tier 1 and the triangle becomes top-heavy :-)

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