Two-for-One Teaching

Two-for-One Teaching

Connecting Instruction to Student Values

By: Lauren Porosoff, Jonathan Weinstein

Use the academic tasks students already do for social-emotional learning. Integrate student values into academic instruction and make learning meaningful for students. This book will guide teachers in helping students connect their work to their values, empowering them to redefine success.

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Integrate social-emotional learning into academic instruction

Fully prepare students to live fulfilling lives by making their learning meaningful. In Two-for-One Teaching, authors Lauren Porosoff and Jonathan Weinstein outline how to seamlessly incorporate social-emotional learning into academic classrooms. Empower students to discover what matters to them using protocols and strategies derived from contextual behavioral science to promote student agency, inclusivity, collaboration, engagement, and motivation.

Rely on this student-values-based education resource for meaningful learning in the classroom:

  • Develop an understanding of what values are, how they impact the way we live, and the need for students to choose and live their own values.
  • Understand how to develop a classroom culture of willingness and encourage student empowerment.
  • Help students approach academic work in ways that align with their values.
  • Explore ways to integrate values exploration into student learning throughout instructional units.
  • Receive numerous customizable protocols rooted in scientific and behavioral research that simultaneously facilitate academic and social-emotional growth.

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