Vision and Action

Vision and Action

Reinventing Schools Through Personalized Competency-Based Education

By: Charles M. Reigeluth, Jennifer R. Karnopp

With the support of this comprehensive guide, you will discover how to transform teaching and learning with personalized competency-based education. The resource’s research-based instructional strategies will prepare educators for learner-centered teaching in modern learning environments.

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Vision and Action

Transform teaching and learning with personalized competency-based education (PCBE). With the support of this comprehensive guide, you will first discover how to define your vision of PCBE and then learn how to realize this vision by fully implementing the system across your school or district. Strategies, tools, and case studies are shared throughout to help you overcome the challenges of change and succeed with PCBE.

Help your school or district overcome all obstacles related to PCBE:

  • Become familiar with the PCBE system of education, including its unique qualities and benefits.
  • Study the transformation to a PCBE system, which involves a combination of vision and process.
  • Study six core ideas and their associated principles and use them to build your own PCBE vision.
  • Determine the unique changes that your school or district will require to best meet students’ needs through differentiated instruction.
  • Read stories from real schools and districts that have transformed to PCBE and addressed the challenges of organizational change.
  • Discover many organizations that can help with the transition to a learner-centered classroom.

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