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The Scientific Principles of Teaching

Bridging the Divide Between Educational Practice and Research

By: Nathaniel Hansford

Become critical consumers of education research with this user-friendly guide. This book empowers educators to understand complex topics influencing high-quality teaching methods. Learn to read and interpret research, explore teaching pedagogies, and analyze the impact of educational practices on student achievement.

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Format: Paperback

A user-friendly guide for understanding education research

Discover the pedagogies with the greatest impact on student achievement. Using meta-analyses of education research, teachers can identify high-quality teaching methods, leverage evidence-based best practices across subjects, and grasp the core principles of the science of reading, math, and learning. This easy-to-read guide helps educators critically evaluate teaching methods and enhance their self-efficacy and agency.

This book will help K–12 teachers:

  • Gain necessary guidance for reading and understanding education research
  • Learn about research practices for critically evaluating teaching methods and strategies
  • Learn about exceptional and unique education systems from around the world
  • Understand concepts like cooperative learning, growth mindset, and constructivist teaching
  • Use meta-analysis to examine the efficacy of specific pedagogies

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Product Code: BKG162

ISBN: 9781958590959

Published By: Solution Tree

The Scientific Principles of Teaching is a much-needed resource in today’s world of education. With social media pundits and influencers guiding the discussion, educators must be savvy enough to sort the wheat from the chaff. Author Nathaniel Hansford is a truth seeker, and he explores education research with integrity, humility, and intelligence. For the educator who doesn’t want to be sold another story, this book provides complex information in a clear, accessible way. Teachers and administrators will be armed with knowledge to help them make instructional decisions with more confidence.”

Faith Borkowsky, Founder of High Five Literacy, LLC; Author; and Co-host of The Literacy View Podcast

“Interpreting scientific research is a daunting task for busy educators. How does one begin, much less differentiate between high- and low-quality education studies? In The Scientific Principles of Teaching, Nathaniel Hansford pulls back the curtain and equips educators with the knowledge to figure out for themselves whether teaching methods are evidence based and effective. His straightforward style makes this book both accessible and practical.”

Anna Geiger, Author of Reach All Readers, Host of Triple R Teaching Podcast, Creator of The Measured Mom website

The Scientific Principles of Teaching provides readers with a comprehensive overview of the ‘science of learning’ without overwhelming them with jargon and statistics. Author Nathaniel Hansford covers the major theoretical practices of teaching, presenting complex concepts in a clear and accessible manner, which makes it suitable for both novice and expert teachers. He provides a consensus of the research and offers his own thoughts while giving readers the information needed to draw their own conclusions.”

Kathryn Garforth, Educational Consultant and Interventionist, Garforth Education

The Scientific Principles of Teaching demystifies the complexities of research by making high-impact instructional strategies accessible to the practitioner. Hansford spotlights the most salient, relevant research while acknowledging that there is still more to learn about delivering evidence-based instruction to meet students’ varied needs. This book challenges educators to check the alignment of current practices with what has been proven to work. If you want to learn what research says about common practices in our field, this book is for you.”

Mitchell Brookins, Educational Consultant, Brookins Consulting

“In The Scientific Principles of Teaching, Nathaniel Hansford offers a unique and compelling voice in education. His determination to reflect on evidence to adapt his teaching provides a model for the profession. In this book, he bridges the gap between everyday practicalities of the classroom and complexities of an ever-evolving evidence base, summarizing a vast amount of information in a way that is practical for educators. In short, this book is an accessible, engaging introduction to research in education for any educator looking to ground their practice in evidence.”

Christopher Such, Primary Reading Consultant, Author of The Art and Science of Teaching Primary Reading

The Scientific Principles of Teaching offers a thoughtful and insightful journey through the complexities of educational research. In each meticulously crafted chapter, Nathaniel Hansford explains the nuance and details behind meta-analyses on popular teaching principles. Through his honest and approachable style, the book feels like a conversation with a friend about ‘what works’ in education. Hansford synthesizes decades of research while providing structure for educators seeking to adjust their practice and impact in the classroom. This book is a must-read for anyone passionate about improving educational outcomes and fostering meaningful learning experiences.”

Rachel Schechter, Founder of LXD Research, Charles River Media, Inc.