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Rebooting Assessment is pure gold! — Read about the 2023 Benjamin Franklin Award Winner

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Bryce Amos

Bryce Amos

State Office Executive Director

Email Bryce: [email protected]
800.733.6786 ext. 891
Call/text me at 515.201.8273

Schedule time on Bryce’s calendar:

Jessica Tuttle

Jessica Tuttle

Solution Tree Director of Educational Partnerships

Email Jessica: [email protected]
800.733.6786 ext. 634
Call/text me at 812.650.7634

Schedule time on Jessica’s calendar:

Lindsay Asp

Lindsay Asp

Marzano Resources Business Development Manager

Email Lindsay: [email protected]
303.766.9199 ext. 324
Call/text me at 952.956.2123

Schedule time on Lindsay’s calendar: