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The Five Most Common Challenges Faced by Middle Leaders and How to Overcome Them

By: Gavin Grift

Become a more self-aware leader with Emerge. This book helps teacher leaders gain rich insights into who they are and how to elevate self-awareness. Uncover strategies to help clarify your leadership mission and ensure your values align. Walk away with valuable, fresh perspectives to propel you forward with renewed self-assurance.

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Format: Paperback

Unleash the power of self-awareness in leadership

Author Gavin Grift proposes that successful leadership is, at its core, a deeply personal endeavor built on self-awareness. This book equips teacher leaders with the knowledge and insight they need to meet the leader within themselves. With newfound leadership thinking, educators can remove mental barriers, become empowered to tackle the daily challenges ahead, and begin the journey to leading schools impactfully.

This book will help K–12 teacher leaders:

  • Discover antidotes to persistent pain points in the work of a teacher and leader
  • Develop self-knowledge to address beliefs, values, motivations, the perceptions of others, and more
  • Learn how to use the unconscious and conscious responses of others to gain insight about their leadership identities
  • Use the lessons of several archetypes—the ostrich, the imposter, the pleaser, and more—to establish levers to overcome them
  • Engage in exercises for self-work to help the leader within emerge

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ISBN: 9781962188937