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Building Bonds With Learners

The Teacher-Student Relationship Model

By: Patricia Erbe

Create more meaningful teaching experiences using the principles and methodology of the TSR model. Through research and experience, author Patricia Erbe provides a concrete plan educators can use to improve teacher-student relationships and promote better educational outcomes for their students.

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Format: Paperback

Practical strategies for building successful teacher-student relationships

Positive relationships between teachers and students can make all the difference in promoting academic, social, and emotional success. The author presents K–12 teachers with a practical teacher-student relationship (TSR) methodology for purposefully forming these vital connections. Educators can learn to harness the power of relationships and foster a sense of belonging, leading to fewer academic and behavioral challenges and equity gaps.

This book will help K–12 teachers:

  • Realize student perspectives and how they affect teacher-student relationships
  • Create more meaningful teaching experiences and more powerful professional habits
  • See how positive teacher-student relationships foster academic success
  • Understand the importance of using effective communication and building a classroom community where students feel accepted
  • Discover practical ways for building bonds with students who are facing academic challenges and promote a more inclusive classroom
  • Reveal their teacher “brand” and how it can foster student connections

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