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Rigor Redefined

Ten Teaching Habits for Surface, Deep, and Transfer Learning

By: Michael McDowell

Rigorous learning prepares students to face academic challenges and navigate the real world. Gain clear, research-supported guidance to balance the core values of teaching with a both innovative and impactful mindset and discover ways to help students take ownership of their learning and thrive academically.

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Format: Paperback

Enables students to take ownership of their learning process

High-quality teaching balances knowing, connecting, and applying core knowledge. This enables students to take ownership of their learning process. Using ten learning habits paired with practical tools and relevant templates, teachers can implement rigorous instruction in small and doable ways that drive student learning and create a lasting impact. Discover how to connect the dots between surface learning, deep learning, and transfer learning.

This book will help K–12 teachers:

  • Create a schedule for habits to ensure routines are employed often and at optimal times
  • Understand the connections among surface learning, deep learning, and transfer learning with elementary and secondary examples
  • Learn various routines for each of the ten habits—the four learner quality habits and the six learning process habits
  • Distinguish between declarative, procedural, and contextual knowledge

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