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Total Instructional Alignment BESTSELLER

From Standards to Student Success

By: Lisa Carter

Foreword by: Lawrence W. Lezotte

Replace an antiquated education system with a flexible, proactive one that ensures learning for all by focusing on three important domains of the alignment process.

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Total Instructional Alignment

This book is a teachers and administrators guide for implementing and sustaining an educational system that ensures students are taught and learn what is required by benchmarks, assessments, and state standards, and to the learning needs of each individual student. This is accomplished by providing a tight alignment between the intended, taught, and tested curricula.

2008 AEP Finalist
  • Implement and sustain a curriculum and instructional system that meets state standards and results in higher levels of student learning.
  • Teach students the assessed concepts so that they can successfully apply their knowledge.
  • Improve student scoring on standardized achievement tests.
  • Achieve a tight alignment between the intended, taught, and tested curricula.
  • Examine the roles of policy, practices, and leadership in redesigning the educational system.

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