Transforming School Culture

Transforming School Culture

How to Overcome Staff Division

By: Anthony Muhammad

Foreword by: Richard DuFour, Rebecca DuFour

The second edition of this best-selling resource offers insight into the four types of educators and how to work with each to create thriving schools.

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Transforming School Culture

The second edition of this best-selling resource delivers powerful, new insight into the four types of educators—Believers, Fundamentalists, Tweeners, and Survivors—and how to work with each group to create thriving schools. The book also includes Dr. Anthony Muhammad’s latest research, as well as a new chapter dedicated to answering frequently asked questions on culture, leadership, and more.

  • Consider the characteristics of positive school cultures and how your school’s culture and climate may differ.
  • Study the author’s research and observations of 34 schools—11 elementary schools, 14 middle schools, and 9 high schools—and how the behavior of the schools’ staff supported or hindered student achievement.
  • Understand why teachers can no longer work in isolation to improve student performance.
  • Obtain tips for producing synergy in a school environment and creating a healthy culture.

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“This new edition of Transforming School Culture provides a rich and insightful set of ideas, strategies, and concepts that will help any school leader transform their cultures. It should be on everyone’s bookshelf. This is a book to be read more than once, for hidden gems of ideas and strategies can be found throughout.”

Kent D. Peterson, emeritus professor, University of Wisconsin–Madison

“Historically, schools have been bombarded by efforts designed to improve the system in place. These efforts are usually disguised as a new project or program. They usually fail! Teachers see them as a storm that will blow through, rather than a long-term and fundamental climatic change. Anthony Muhammad, in Transforming School Culture, Second Edition, has not only shined a light on why such change efforts rarely work―due to ignoring a school’s culture―but has gone on to describe how school leaders can and should address sustainable cultural change. A must-read!”

Lawrence W. Lezotte, educational researcher, consultant, and speaker; Effective Schools

“As we’ve come to expect, Dr. Muhammad is unflinchingly unapologetic regarding the hard truths of school culture. But, once again, he separates himself from so many who take the stage, admire the problems, and offer no solutions. Dr. Muhammad both diagnoses and prescribes. No magic bullet or easy fix, but hope in the form of choices that will shift our paradigms and create transformational results. As he did with the first edition, this second edition of Transforming School Culture awakens you, demands your attention, and then hits you where you live.”

Kenneth C. Williams, author, speaker, and consultant; Unfold the Soul

“The second time around is better than the first. Dr. Muhammad has done it again by reminding us in powerful, impactful ways that a positive school culture is where any type of school success starts. As someone who works with districts across the country in being culturally responsive, I believe this book provokes thought, reflection, and action for the adults to be better, so the students can be their best.”

Sharroky Hollie, author and executive director, Center for Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning, California

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