Unstoppable Learning

Unstoppable Learning

Seven Essential Elements to Unleash Student Potential

By: Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey

Learn how to adapt learning in response to students individual needs, create clear learning targets, prepare effective lessons, and more.

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Unstoppable Learning

Discover proven methods to enhance teaching and learning schoolwide. Identify questions educators should ask to guarantee a positive classroom culture where students learn from each other, not just teachers. Explore ways to adapt learning in response to students individual needs, and gain strategies and tools to create clear learning targets, prepare effective lessons, and successfully assess instruction.

  • Learn to effectively distinguish patterns and consider short- and long-term consequences in the classroom.
  • Use the seven elements of the Unstoppable Learning model to better understand the big picture of education and the intricate relationships that impact classrooms.
  • Prompt discussion and reflection using the driving questions and chapter takeaways.
  • Gather helpful sample surveys, unit plans, analysis forms, rubrics, templates, and pull-out questions to develop quality learning environments.

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β€œIn clear and accessible language, Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey explain that efforts to improve teaching only work when we see our classrooms as systems: every person and process impacts all the others, and seemingly small changes can have large effects on learning. This book is full of practical suggestions and tools that empower teachers to design the whole systemincluding peer and student-teacher relationships, learning and assessment tasks, and classroom routinesto lead to better learning.”

—Lauren Porosoff, middle school teacher and author of Curriculum at Your Core: Meaningful Teaching in the Age of Standards

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  • Unstoppable Learning

    While this book is focused on unstoppable learning for students, it is also unstoppable learning for teachers. This book took us from where we were with curriculum, instruction, and assessment and sent us to the next level of implementation. We have a long ways to go but the focus on what we (everyone) should already be doing with standards allowed us to use this book as focus for our work without distracting us with a "squirrel" that we chase.

    It was easy to use to focus my staff in each of the areas and provided a purpose for their learning also. I suggest this book to any educator that understands how curriculum, instruction, and assessment is the key to improving student achievement. It does not need to be an expensive program. Focusing on the right things is the key. This book provides that focus.

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Unstoppable Learning

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