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Crafting Your Message Book Study

Deliver a professional, effective presentation that engages your audience

This book study, covering more than 100 ideas and strategies, will help educators deliver highly effective presentations, overcome speech anxiety, and improve communication skills.

Fridays beginning June 5 through June 26


Time: 3:00 p.m. EDT

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Crafting Your Message Book Study

Communicating an effective message can be a perplexing undertaking. In this book study, you will learn specific communication skills for distance learning, as well as for use in any face-to-face opportunities. If you speak in public, you are a public speaker. Planning and preparing an effective message is the first step to a profound public presence, which is critical in today's fast-paced, technological environment. This session highlights valuable strategies for creating a memorable message, as well as tips and techniques for impressive delivery. Tammy’s varied national and international experiences, combined with expertise in adult learning, provide a skillful foundation of practical approaches, helping both novice and expert speakers gain an advantage. Do you know the skills? Do you have the skills? This book study is a must for anyone seeking to refine or elevate their presence and poise with school boards, parents, and teacher audiences. Make your message meaningful!.

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Number of sessions: 4


  • Friday, June 5 | Book Overview, Adult Learner Characteristics, Presentation Preparation
  • Friday, June 12 | Roles & Related Characteristics, Audience Sizes, Solid Intros
  • Friday, June 19 | Presenter’s Toolbox, Voice, Visuals & Handouts
  • Friday, June 26 | Presentation Tips & Tricks, Dealing With Audience Behaviors, Improving Your Practice Through Feedback

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Do you offer certification or proof of attendance?
Yes, certificates are emailed to all attendees approximately one week after the end of the book study.

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