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Assessment as a Catalyst for Learning

Creating a Responsive and Fluid Process to Inspire All Students

By: Garnet Hillman, Mandy Stalets

With the right mindset, the assessment process can be a gift to our students that propels meaningful learning for all. Discover how to embrace formative and summative assessment practices to identify and unwrap priority standards, develop learning progressions, and plan daily instruction that supports student growth and inspires learning.

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Practical strategies and tools to implement mindful, intentional assessment practices

When designed in ways that inspire and motivate, assessment is a gift to our students. With this resource as your guide, you’ll embrace a fresh mindset where assessment becomes a process that propels meaningful learning for all. Authors Garnet Hillman and Mandy Stalets dive deep into how you can work individually or collaboratively to intentionally identify and unwrap priority standards, develop learning progressions, design assessments, and plan daily instruction.

Design mindful, intentional assessment practices that develop learning progressions and help students plan their own path to proficiency:

  • Understand how to use formal and informal formative assessment as well as summative assessment to empower students and increase learning for all.
  • Analyze ways to plan backward and design mindful assessment and instruction.
  • Receive practical steps for application for developing learning progressions, summative assessments, and formative assessments.
  • Discover how to collaborate around assessment with professional learning community (PLC) concepts.
  • Answer end-of-chapter reflection questions to deepen your understanding of key concepts.

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